Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reviews and Changes

Although I do not intend to turn this into a book review only blog, I thought it might be helpful to readers if they had an easy way of looking up the books I've done reviews on. So I've put two extra pages on this blog.  One is an explanation for how this blog works or how I hope it will work.  The second one will contain an explanation of the different kind of reviews I'll be posting--there are two of them--and the list of books I have reviewed.  Once the lists reach a certain length, I may put the Reviews and Critical Reviews on separate pages.  For now, one page should work fine.

If the pages become too hard to maintain I may scrap the idea all together, but I thought it would be helpful, especially to me, along the way. Let me know if you have suggestions on how to maintain the pages, or if you have other ideas on how to organize this blog. I will consider everything.

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