Friday, August 3, 2012

Editing Madness

Got some great advice on how to improve my book. Some of it is small, like deciding what The Club originally was: a hotel? an old school? an abandoned movie theater or Wal-mart?  Something else? We've changed some of the character's names.  We'll see how they stick.  But hopefully it makes it all sound better, more modern.

Other changes are major: requiring two, maybe three entire chapters to be almost completely re-written.  I'm excited about making the changes.  If I can get it all to work--which will be difficult because there are still plot holes--it'll be much improved, an obvious difference and much more exciting.  I'd have to work day and night to get all the necessary changes done by August 14th, especially since I still need to figure out how to write my critical essays for the books I've read and decide what to write about.  Anyone read Inkheart by Cornelia Funke or Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that might be able to help me with them?

It's past midnight now and all I want to do is write, edit, polish, etc, which means going to bed will be hard. I'm juiced, as if I just ran a mile, or won a million bucks!  It's a writing high for me and I love it.  It's just murder on my sleep habits.

Anyone have some time to be a sound board? I got the major things figured out, I think, but I need to get the small stuff decided on...

Where are you in your writing?

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