I am going to attempt something completely unorthodox with this blog. I am going to try keeping this as a regular blog.  I will post things about my writing, the MFA program I'm in and my life. I will also review books. This is where it'll get a bit unorthodox, because I intend to list all the books  I've reviewed on a single page (depending on the type of review) available for quick reference for readers. If I decide the pages are too much work to maintain, I may eliminate them all together.

I will read and review books I buy, check out at the library, or, should it happen, receive as a galley or ARC. However, since I am currently in school and working a full-time job, I cannot guarantee when a book will appear on the site. It will depend on my schedule and my interests.

Their are two different types of book reviews: Reviews and Critical Reviews.

Books listed under Reviews are the books that I simply give my overall opinion on.  They're the traditional kind of book review you run into. I plan on being frank about my opinion, sometimes providing spoilers to get my point across.  I try to balance the good with the bad in each one. You'll notice that, on my own, I favor books with paranormal elements. However, I will read books from almost every genre.

Books listed under Critical Reviews have had a critical essay written about them.  It does not mean the books are bad. It simply means I chose to discuss and dissect a certain element in a book, like voice, description, or tension in the hopes of learning how to better apply that element to my own writing.  Every book that shows up in this list should also appear under Reviews for a fair and full assessment. However, since I'm doing Critical Reviews for homework assignments, not all books listed under reviews will show up under Critical Review. I might do a Critical Review on a book not on my school reading list if I think I will learn something of value in doing so, or if I get a specific request for one shortly after a Review is published. >

I am always looking for book recommendations.

For specific information about me and my skills, please visit my website.